For the past 20 years, we have manufactured and marketed Premium Chemical Foaming Agents (CFAs) for injection molding, extrusion, and other plastic processes. 

We provide custom manufactured CFAs designed for ACC by Innovative Development, Inc (IDI).  These products include endothermic, exothermic and combination endothermic and exothermic CFAs.  If one of our standard products does not fit your needs IDI's team has the capability to design CFAs specific to your process.

The stand alone chemical foaming agents manufactured by ACC are sold under the trade names Endex International and iD Additives.

ACC and IDI have teamed together to produce color foam combinations.  Using ACC's Color All (CA) carrier technology and custom developed dispersion techniques we are able to provide a one-pellet-solution that falls under the classification of Color All + Additives (CA/A).  The combination of highly concentrated, easy dispersing CA colorants with custom CFA formulation provides an extremely cost effective solution for a wide variety of applications.  From highly foamed structural foam applications; to very low levels of foam to help with cycle, warp and sink while still providing a class A surface.

Our sales and technical team have the foam processing expertise to assist our customers with specific product development and technical assistance.