Easy dispersion, consistent high quality, and cost effective concentrates designed to meet your resin specific needs.

Cost effective universal and custom colorants that provide unmatched dispersion at extremely low let down levels.

Custom designed concentrates that reduce cycle times, improve flow, eliminate sink, reduce warp, and...

We produce unit and bulk dry color formulations for low volume production runs or processes that require powders.


Accurate Color and Compounding, Inc (ACC) was built on quality products, innovation and unmatched customer service.  We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and provide the highest quality products.  With the assistance of some of our partners we continue to develop cost effective products that provide real value to our customers.

Our universal Color All (CA) technology provides products that can be used at very low let down levels, in a wide variety of resins providing unrivaled dispersion in the polymer base and significant cost savings.



Our Color All + Additives CA/A technology allows us to produce products we call the ACC one-pellet-solution, as it has been that for many of our customers.  We can provide nucleation additives, processing aids, color, UV/AO, and CFAs all compounded into a single pellet that yields unrivaled dispersion in the polymer base and significant cost savings.

We manufacture custom CFAs (Chemical Foaming Agents) designed for ACC by Innovative Development, Inc (IDI).  These products include endothermic, exothermic and combination endothermic and exothermic CFAs.  If one of our standard products does not fit your needs IDI's team has the capability to design CFAs specific to your process.

We can develop products that provide warp reduction and cycle time reduction.  We have been able to solve problems that clients had been dealing with for years.  Our sales and technical team have the processing expertise to assist our customers with specific product development and technical assistance.

ACC is most proud of the service we provide our customers.  They tell us daily how much they appreciate that little extra that everyone at ACC has be trained to provide.

Give us a call at 888-43-COLOR, we look forward to working with you and your team!
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